Love, every day that pass without you is eternal and makes me reason to dawn without a reason to go to work without a reason to wake up without a reason to do something in the day. I think about you all day, sometimes I think of giving up and not get you more because I think I lost you forever, how are you trying and I have no illusion that back with me.

I need not tell me the truth, delusions, I I love you with all my heart and break my heart if you do not return. If you're not to go back I understand. If I got hurt, you too are doing damage to me that I would not want to feel it, so I implore you to give me one last chance. As I said in previous letters, you will not regret it, the only difference is that, if you want, we will be with your mom. I know this will help me all my life experience, because I had never felt this so cruel. Only if you give me a chance, just one to show you how I feel about you. If I loved you before, now I love you more. I love my Anna, my Mariana, my daughter I love her with all my strength but what I feel for you is a different love a love I can not describe.

I do not know what else to do my love, I want to make me strong but I can not, I miss you so I feel that I have not seen you in years. Love, if you fail again, it will not happen, I know you can do the same again but definite, but that does not want me. I want to be with you whole life I can not anymore, my love, I do not know if tomorrow we have the strength to endure this pain. For God's sake, and forgive me, I try to forget you but I can not, I love you too.

Love, I swear I can not with this pain if you tell me that I no longer want, I will give to you but it hurts me deeply. If I did not love you so so late would not be here writing to you and thinking of you. Love, I get the life lesson, I do not want to be suffering so. Now that's really suffering. If you missed my daughter to a day that saw it, put yourself in my place I spent a few days without seeing and without knowing where I was and that you no longer want to return. How do you think I feel?

Since you left, I stop sweating hands and my heart beats very strong, to feel that I will stop. It would be best to stop hurting so much. You say time will tell, and meanwhile, I'm hurting and suffering for you. If you spend a week, two or a month, the same time be suffering. What more proof you want to show you that I love you with all my heart? Do you want to kill me? If for you, I do, just like that. I think you would believe that nothing matters more than my two loves.

Love, I beg you and make a decision, because I can not anymore, I beg for the love you had me someday.

Thanks to Omar for this letter a couple deep