I do not know if you mourn for joy because I know I still love me or mourn with sadness because I will never be with you, just know that time is running out disappearing into them these immense desire not to live, for reasons I do not have a single .

Do not know why this had to happen, or understand why we only know that I love you and want you to know I always do, although you might already be with each other and that your days may belong to someone else .

Do not know how much sadness flooded me just thinking about it, because I do really loved you and still like the first time, you know how much I suffer, love me, every time you say you love me and you are also suffering from being with her . I do not know why fate separated us so, in this way.

Been 5 years since we've seen and nothing has changed in me would not get you sometimes do not talk and I know sometimes I say bad things, but understand that is my despair.

Still do not understand why you did, why did you leave me alone, why I did so much damage and still forgave you all, just know that the clock is ticking and I'm still alone I do not know why. I do not know if I have the hope that you go back and although I know that you will not even hope and I will hope continually, although I have to be alone. I prefer that to live with someone who does not make me happy. Remember, my love, I love you and always though that I do love just makes me suffer ...

K and F forever.

I still have not forgotten!


Thanks to Karla for this letter