I have a love that I can not get out of my heart, I can not forget love, a love that is so great that I do not care to treat me bad because it is huge, a love that if I could I would go down the moon and stars, but that only God can do. I just treat it as it deserves and give him everything that did not give him a long time, worse, I was a fool not to do when at my side. This love I feel for her is unforgettable because it met for the first time what love is, and I would show her what can be done by a person to whom you love so much, so he would be willing to do what necessary to make her very happy. A love that was with me when I felt like going ahead and with the hope of getting up every morning and go to work to make something in life, but do not lose hope that one day return home that the two did for our future and our children and that I'll be waiting the necessary time to grow old together as we thought long and because I know I still love her like me. I just hope to God that one day my dreams come true, because every day I dream about her dream comes home and we do what we've never done, but only God knows at this point if these dreams will be fulfilled I do not lose hope to be together again.

Thanks to Omar for this letter.