I'll take my life, but for you it is little
but for you my pain is not worth it
though our happy days not remember
want and ignore me and never met me
it will give you what you want
I'll give you what you want
I will give my oblivion to make you happier.
Yeah I loved you
yes I fell in love
yeah I loved you.
I have to turn the page
have had you hurt me, then lose
but take them it your memory of my memory
borrare and every one of your kisses.
Your eyes will no longer be more in my dreams

Because you asked so
I do not care to be happy ... or not
I just stop loving care
I blot out of the book of my life the day we met
so you've never been to me
and just so I can be happy again.
I swear I'll forget, even if it is for you shortly.


We thank to Gricelita for that poem heartbreak .