My life there are so many things which I have to thank you .... So much for what I need to share our lives.

I begin to remember the times we spent together during these months, that have marked our lives forever!'re So special, so unique that I never want to separate yourself from my side!

So tender that night, watching the stars with you, while we looked at each other's arms eyes we broadcast we both love , so tenderly.

Everything around you becomes special, unique and unforgettable.
You're the only person after all this time, my dreams are becoming reality, the only person who is making me happy.
I've never felt so strongly about someone, I have never shared so much with the person I love just was you who made ​​me change!

The person that made me see the world in color. The one who taught me to love without fear.

Thanks for being in my life at the exact moment in time when I needed someone like you, someone to treat me like a princess, someone has finally given meaning to my life.
My love, I just wanna tell you that for me you are the only reason why I get up every morning with a big smile, you're the only person that made ​​me mourn for joy. And I know that ours is as history, but a special story that has no end.
Remember dates and times! I remember that 23, but also remember that kiss infinity.
My life, I love you .


We thank Laura that beautiful letter to her boyfriend.