I still remember the night I met you, when I looked at your smile and felt your intense look, since that night, I could not forget and filled my life with love , tenderness and protection.
What would my life be without you? Would I be without your kisses without your joy? This magic that filled me that March 30 is still intact ...
It is now two years old, the best of my life with you. Ensañaste You love me, you made me live in a fantasy world where I'm still the princess.
Thanks for giving direction to my life, being above all my friend and my partner. Today I want to tell you you're the most beautiful thing happened to me and I thank life that has allowed me to have a man like you by my side.
You are the king of my imaginary castle, a place where I go to get away from the world and miss you smiles and kisses ...
Because despite everything , never changed, being so, so perfect. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, the patron saint of lovers and want you to know who you are and forever will be the owner of my heart
I love you , Lucas carrasco1

Amalia Hermann

We thank in that Eve Valentine Amalia beautiful letter to her beloved Hermann.