Texts of love ... I could not explain how big is my love for you ... thank you for getting up the floor when I left that fatal love in my past ... I need you like water fish, like the sky the sun and the moon I need your kisses to ease my pain ... my life I want to say that in these two months together I realized that I had cravings and I have always with you and I have never thought that me and been born again by your side ... because my life was drowned in loneliness, and sadness ... and only you and me your hand extendistes ayudastes me out of this great distress ... I love you for your personality, your way of looking at me, the way you kiss me, your way love me ... I love you because you're so much dreamed ... att your cat adore you forever I love you I love you .

Thanks to Jennifer for send it to us and sharing their love