How to tell you, what we have found, can not be described with words has been a gift of the universe and even more fortunate we are envious.

We thought love had become a nightmare, after everything that has happened. However, the fate of thousands of miles away has given us the opportunity to find without looking for us. Thanks to you, eh again have faith in love.

No doubt we were meant to be together. We will have differences and pass through difficult times, but I know we will overcome any setback if we really want.

I love you as you are. But try to look the best and be an example and spur you to improve for the better, as I know you also do the same with me.

I want this new stage of our life, is to love unconditionally. We fight every day to keep our happiness; love as the first day and as if it were your last. I promise to be always faithful and put you over my needs, because your happiness is my priority.

I want to begin this beautiful relationship and I hope you too much as I want. Although not explain know, I love you and want to share my life with you and make you the happiest man in the world.

I love you, my love!


We thank Mercedes this letter to his beloved.