You, you you're my best friend , my confidant, my sister, my partner, that girl who is always with me at all times, one to which I can tell my things without fear of being judged.

So many beautiful moments we've spent together, so many falls and that too together we have risen again.

Your laughter, (for anything) and the nice words of encouragement you have given me and give me. Positive joy I have in your mind and your spirit in the joyful moments, and hugs and comfort in the painful.

The kisses and congratulations in times of success, but most of your company and your kind presence in times of difficulty.

Because no one compares to you, my best friend, you are one, perfect, none. You are beautiful in every way, because only in you I found the meaning of the word:

Te Quiero Mucho , MY FRIEND THE SOUL.


A beautiful letter from Sarah-Irene to her friend Jacqueline to thank their friendship.