I do not mean to put you in this situation, you know it hurts me so we are done.

Sometimes I think I do not deserve the great person you are, because I have not reciprocated as you have done to me. I still remember when I smiled and say that this never change, this is my fault, all my fault!

I can not understand why I had to be so cruel to you, to repeat a past history. I do not know if the destination is the one that is taking care of me reckoning; hate so much you're dead in that place. Hate to not be with you at this difficult time, I feel that history repeats itself, I feel that I am the guilty of these errors and those who caused pain to another person in the past.

Maybe tomorrow I stay away from all, seek a hope in time to allow me to get away from the good people who can be at my side.

I never meant to hurt you even though unconsciously has caused this suffering in your being.

I know that from now nothing will be the same, I know that from today, all hate me.

Destination I've won again, but I'm willing to make life impossible, in the same way, since it serves to have it all when it falls apart inside.

It is a matter of hours for everything to change, so that we get away more.
Personal growth, good business relations, that is all this if I'm a bad person.

Forgive .

We thank to ABRG and hope for forgiveness.