I tell you I love you . It's stronger than love , is stronger than everything. What I feel when I'm around you is for me the most beautiful that I can pass.

You're the air I breathe, the blood that runs through my veins, that runs through my body and my heart reaches. Simply, I need you like the moon at night. You're the sweetest, tenderest, most beautiful ... you're the perfect person. You means everything to me.

Only a kiss from you, a look, a touch, could be transported to paradise ... I will never tire of saying, I love you.

And though I try to explain it, I feel that there are no forms or words to express what my heart feels. Nothing ever had so much sense to me, to know you made me realize that we are made for each other.

I need to look at you and get lost in your eyes. To dream every night. To wake up and pronounce your name.

I long to kiss you, you remove the cold heat ... I want to go every inch of your body, so that the days are no longer gray, so it does not turn off my soul and keep you alive and passionate.

Know that I live to love. Let me once again pronounce these beautiful words: I love you.

By Cieelo