Love, today I woke up thinking about your unique aroma, in this love that we
have, in all those crazy things we do just to be together. You know, it is
so good to remember our first kiss, the time when our hearts out this common but very special and unique phrase, I love you , tell me and I smiled and kissed you.

You know very well that what I feel for you is as big as the cosmos, as
pure as an angel and so precious that even a diamond the size of a thousand
soles achieve equal it. Love know that we have fallen, but that is not so
important as how we overcame, are these
experiences that show how strong this feeling that unites us.

Preciosa, forgive me for not prove all this love I feel, is
so great that never, never reach or prove third
part; I know I can only offer you a heart that loves you dearly, one
would be living if you'd stop me and the company of a soul
always be yours.

I want to say one more thing, is that I love you so much that I feel
invincible when I'm by your side, I feel peace and harmony, I feel that in my
stomach there is a zoo of butterflies ...

I love you madly.
We thank Johan for this beautiful love letter to his beloved