There are hard times and good times
but the time that I have met have been the
best in life because your love is unique
is unlike any other love.
With you I feel different, I feel good though
of the problems that have happened, we fall
and turn to raise as it should be.
So I give thanks to God that put us in the
same way to fall in love and you will never leave us.

It seems like only yesterday when I saw for the first
time, I felt something special, different from anything else, that look
that drives me crazy, your lips which make falls
at your feet every time you kiss me, your hands which
with which you touch me, your arms to embrace me
so strong every time you miss me, your body, your whole
I love my love so I say THANK YOU for
be with me all the time loving me, supporting me
take care and especially appreciate!!
Brejo! ♥

Thanks to Brejo by this letter to your child.