I love you

Dear / or me / or,
Tell you I love you too small to me, someone should invent new words to describe my feelings of dedication, devotion, admiration, need you every second. That feel and more. I tell you I love you, but you know, perhaps repeat it so you distort the words, but no, every time you say it's because my love for you has increased.
I want you to know, no I love you in past, I love you in present or in future I love you, love is a timeless, is not distance, is just pure love, full of hopes, full of promises that can not be met because already met all to know.

I love you, like two words to form a smile on your lips, like two colorful skies reflected in your eyes, like two infinite words that should not stop feeling.

Love is a prize indeed, deserve to know if you at least deserve you fight for, but a prize is a gift that everyone should receive, but only I have.
For me the love I give thanks and I offer a thousand years of love which I condense this kiss you give from the depths of myself.
Kerio will say what I feel for you is something real and not playing with your feelings esoi
I love you

Thanks to Mary for send it to us and sharing their love