Hi, I'm Brenda and I write to tell my story.
I went to the same old place to spend my vacation, thinking it would be one more summer and I was wrong.

I met a guy who was my first crush, love at first sight. Paulo was called but there is a problem between the two: the distance, he's from San Juan and me in Buenos Aires. Paulo was, is and always will be the best person I knew.

We are too young to be dating, but fate brought us together.
The first day we got to know, the second I realized that behind this storm, the love she felt for him it was a sunny day, the third became stronger my love.

I had the opportunity to confess my love and I did not. The fourth day Merende with his family and crossed glances full of sweetness and then a pink dress I wore, I quit looking at me up and down as dumbfounded and realized that something seduced him, but without realizing that Paul felt the same for me .
And on the fifth day was even stronger; talk after talk I liked and jumped a theme did you ever love? I answer yes and then invented a verse from a friend that I liked and took her hand, then realized that this guy was him. We hugged, we had phone numbers and arranged to meet the next day.
When we said goodbye to what happened happened, we said goodbye with a kiss on the cheek and promised to love each other until the end and that nothing would distance separating us. My last words were I love you !

Then we continued sending messages of love .

I hope you read my story and it is in his memory and know that remotely, you can love and that there are no barriers, borders or age to live an eternal love like this. A love between two guys from Argentina.

Thank you all.

Paulo still love as the first day I met you!


We thank Brenda for that precious letter explaining their love with their loved Paulo despite living away.