There are a lot of sadness here in my soul, blindly believing you loved me. As I without my love and I gave you believed you, because you know pretending this love. I noticed that you're not worth it, everything was a lie, everything was false, because you told me and I love you more each day.

I'm very upset because you were not sincere, I asked you not play with me, you cost me, you know ... I was very well your piece of paper a novel, I gave my love to believe you loved me but now you make fun of my poor heart.

By being unfaithful to you I forgive you, if God gave you a heart of gold to me half a heart to suffer.

I curse your smile and your eyes , curse the caresses that I did, well curse the kisses you gave me, I curse the time that I met you.

I love you too, but I do not want to be with you, I do not want, I completely forget you, you knew not valued, because of fate would tell me all your lies adored always thought true.

You said you wanted to go, if you're going to be forever I do not want you back, destroying my life.

But sooner or later come looking for YOU, MY FEET ON YOUR KNEES
YOU come to bow down, FORGET YOUR PRIDE. YOU will come looking for it is too late to start over.

Lucky bitch hit me, please do not want anything more from you SELENE.

Thanks to Antonio for this letter.