Hello love ,
I am writing this letter I want to tell you in a while. I want to tell you, but I can not do it face to face because I tangle in your eyes, I get distracted with your lips and wrap me in your smile. And then I forget to tell you.

But I want to because you must know. Know that I am so happy with you because you make me laugh, because I do tremble, because I do dream. I am so happy because every day you notice your respect, your acceptance of my hobbies and my passions and why not you try to change me.

I am so happy with you because your hand I feel, at last, I am part of the world, your way of minimizing problems for the complicity that we have created and that you have started to make sense the "forever". But mostly I am so happy in your embrace.

And you know I'm not the best expressing my feelings, so I'll try to tell you the only way I know. No poetic license, without metaphors without rhyming verses, so raw and brutally love you. And that's how I have to tell you. You're the man of my life . I could write it in capitals because I have the certainty that is so.

It is hard to start, I have so much to tell and have so much to say ...

I have a love, a love unlike any other. A love in the distance achieved success, a love that trust was paramount.

A love that communicates daily through a screen. In the hours which are eternal, minutes turn into hours, and anxious look forward to our time.

If they knew this great love story , you may be put to mourn, if they knew of everything that happened this love, if they knew everything we have fought to be together, tears would fall off and understand when I say that no I can do without.

My love, although the distance separating us, I can feel you near me, I do not cry sad but cry with happiness because God made me the most beautiful to get off from heaven to be with me gifts.

It is true that I need, but God told me tonight that we will soon be together. I thank you for being by my side and fight every day for me.
Forever love.
We thank Stiben for this beautiful letter to his beloved Nilson.