You know love , it hurts to tell you how much I love you , how I need you by my side .. it is true, our lives have been parallel, we walked in very opposite directions and we arrived at distance, our conversations were not always appropriate, the know that going in very different lives, struggling daily with adversity, I feel that sometimes you lose, you no longer will be.

I know it's cheesy to say every day soon I miss you , how much I love you, and knowing the kind of person I am, selfish, angry, proud, bossy, someone who is passionate about rock, summarizing very particular tastes and defects exceeding my virtues, however I can be the most romantic just for you; if I miss it that way is because I have you. What if I told you how much I love you so do not forget. But you know something, IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME.

Only a matter of time to be together, not surprising that way; a week longer see and I remember like it was yesterday, is true hurts a lot, someday you lost and promised not to do it again, because if I lose I lose everything.

I recommended two films "The Notebook" and "The Best of Me", great, I think this time the reality exceeded fiction, very similar to our lives, and I know I want to be around you because you're the best of me.

Remember, ONLY IS QUESTION OF TIME. I love you forever.

Jorge C.

We thank Jorge for this beautiful letter of love and hope.