I want to tell you my love , even though we did not see, and that you do not even talk, I'll always love.

Never thought I could get to fall in love at this age, I felt stupid, it was unreal love for my age, but you made ​​me feel things I never imagined I could actually feel.

I miss you so much! Strange you know, we talk as before, will be almost two years since I met you and I will never forget that day.

Nevertheless , I will want forever, it is impossible to forget. I would have given everything for you, even if you do not know about me.

The truth is I never knew you felt really, and although there were many lies in this, never knew I was. I fell in love and there's no going back, you're my first love, that you never forget, which is stronger than all, and although age, distance and layers my ignorance about what you feel, prevent us from being together forever I'll be here, waiting maybe or maybe not, but I'll be here when you need me.

You will always be in my heart and my thoughts, as very beautiful, but that could not be ... I love you and I love you forever.


Agostina We thank for that nice letter.