It started as a game, but after so much we spent together made ​​me crazy your love . She had a couple who , thanks to her mother she suffered because she wanted nothing to do with him, but her mother forced her. Both became infatuated with her that I forgive him his faults, loved her dearly, I felt like she loved me, but of fate I walked away much of it.

Even so, loving it, I now I have my children that I require, but miss her a lot, I want her in my arms, feel his warmth, his breath, so many things we had together. We made love every day, even in the mud did indeed ever find a woman like her.

Hopefully the day see her again, it will be far away because she has a partner and I have mine. I only have the consolation of looking at it and see that she is okay. I love you black and you know Mauritius.

Thanks to Jorge for this love letter.