Soul mate, I still remember the day we met. I told you about and you told me about since that day my life changed.

More than my friend were like a sister and I liked to tell you, I love you and adore you. But suddenly one day everything fell spoiled among us with the news that I had to move.

I remember one day we promised to remain "sisters" despite the distance and when the day came for my departure, you were not able to say goodbye, it was very painful.

The first few days we were communicating, then dropped messages, hardly you wrote.

Then I went back and everything became as before but not for long as I had to go back and since then almost did not write. Slowly I got over the pain of not having you as a friend and if you keep calling me "sister" but I know I'm not anymore.

Yet I've never stopped loving you, always be my "sister" and someday we will be together.

Never forget, you were and will be my best friend!

I love you best friend. Perhaps this is the last time I tell you how much I love and everything I feel.

Farewell, and do not forget me.


Alejandra thank his beautiful letter friendship