If you knew all that I'm probably the ratio of true friendship between you and me would end; but I need to express and tell the world all the love I feel for you but never get to read.

You're a kid you know nothing, do not you caused a good impression, I seemed typical spunky, slick and cool guy; however was hanging out and I realized that you are not, you have a big heart, big personality and an amazing ability to empathize, what made me fall in love becoming more of you.

Time has passed, about 3 years ago and although we know we're both seeing other people, I know there are among us a special affection, physical attraction and there really is a very special relationship, I think so, because in spite of everything , I love you, I love you and would do anything just to see you happy.
Really my love, you deserve everything and more; hopefully one day you can be happy and scope what you're looking for, if that happened, although I ache in the soul, accept it and I would happily greatly by you even if it was not me, because if anyone deserves all the happiness in the world, this person is that you.

I just hope that if you ever read this, do not be angry, we remain friends and that our relationship remains just as special so far and if you feel bad, and I ask forgiveness in advance.

You want

We thank Sandra for this beautiful love letter