My love ,
Know that this month was the happiest of my life.
You came into my life when I least expected it, gave me back the smile, the
desire to love and to live.

Love, whenever you hold me, I want to stay forever with you and not
never detach; I swear I'm living in a wonderful fairy tale.
You are my most beautiful of all the stories "Prince" and I hope this story
is infinite and never finished.
My love, I'm dying to hold you, to hug me so tight and kiss me
when he wakes up. I want to always be by your side.

I'm lost in your perfume, I'm lost in your lips, which
close whispering words that come to my heart, with this card deal
express everything I feel a.
How cute is both feel your love, look at those eyes that I see every day,
reflected that passion, that love, just as I am to see you; would be
difficult to try to explain in words how vast and deep that it is my
love for you.
It would be hard to think that there can be a life in which you do not find me,
You are my inspiration, my great, true and only love; You're the best
I happened in life , are and will be the most important thing for me today,
tomorrow and forever.

Daiana Walter
We thank Daiana for this beautiful love letter to his beloved Walter.