Do not you think of me, but I I love you . I think of how to start this letter to express my feelings poderte, first I want to tell you that I was born in the need to have you near, to touch you, kiss you and hold you in my arms.

You know how many times we exchange our views. I would like to tell you about what I feel, than provoke within me, but you're so distant, so far away! I see you but I can not even get close to you. Therefore through this letter I want to tell you what I feel for you in my heart.

I could not forget, and my heart breaks without you here with me. You're part of me, but I can not touch you, I can not tell you as I love you ear, girl. Why'd you have to go? Why did you say you did not love me?

Remember, how many times have I asked you not to go? Days pass and I will not do without you, BABI.

Do not think I can stand the pain any longer by your absence , since you left everything finished for me, my heart and my soul weep in solitude When will you return?

I remember the beautiful moments spent when life put me next to you .... Do you know? I could never predict what a memory you would become impossible to forget. Perhaps buried that love one day born among us, but in my heart as the first day lives that taught him how nice it is to love.

During this long time, I've learned to live without you every second, but there has not been a time when you think not, then when I face you, resurrect my heart, you are the breath of life for my eyes and my soul resurrection.

For whole nights you step in front of the moon and the stars, waiting for the time and when you get back. It is impossible to stop loving you!

If you do not see it, I imagine so many things, if not overtake me life, to have you back by my side, loving and dying in your arms, which is what most longing and desire in this world ... TKM CHAPARRITA X100PRE Fredy Castellanos.

Fredy Chaparrita Castellanos.

We thank Fredy for this touching letter to his beloved.