On my site, I'm still here
without a tear shed,
you today
embracing the morning.
Now that you're
a few blocks from me
(In the distance limited)
verses escape me,
without more,
because of my longing.
For all the good times past
by the sincere friendship,
I feel you'll always be by my side
and always be at your vera.

It's time to say goodbye
Although not a "Farewell"
I do not know what hurts your game!
although in my
for all eternity be present.
I know I have to sleep
for within a few hours
continue my day to day, without you,
Veritas to be at the mine.

You leave far away ...
and I'm still here in my site,
as I was,
with my people, my time,
and with you, with you deep inside
not to forget.

Thanks to Jessica Molina to send it to us and share their heartbreak poems

Today should be happy
full of joy
and yet I am filled

20 years of dreams
20 years of love
but I think it is not the same
for both

I love dreaming
and perhaps the dream
with only passion
and me with fear

To think that has been
of that, one day promised
and passing the years
we are not the same

I expect a detailed
he thought to be well
fulfilled at the waist
but it is not

If only you knew
my patience
no longer than
hoping one day
A I love you , darling!

Thanks to Rachel for this poem of heartbreak

Your and my farewell goodbye
Your good-bye to me was the longest,
My goodbye was the most sensible.
Your goodbye was my death,
My goodbye was to show you how much I love you.
Your goodbye hurts me to the soul,
I know my goodbye to you was also a big pain for you.
Your goodbye has made me so ill,
I think my goodbye was the best
Your Goodbye still hurts to the core and that
also my goodbye hurts.

But this farewell of the two is something sensible. We hurt, we wanted but it was not enough I love you but had to say goodbye forever and forever I will love you too

Thanks to Jessica for her poem of heartbreak

I am the sea

You are my heaven

the sky on the horizon seems to me a kiss

and I sweet sea

without touching poderte

I love you in heart and my feelings

and you where you will be

who will be willing

Thanks to its short poem Fizza love