Collection of poems of love, very romantic short written with warmth, tenderness and love. Enjoy them quietly

I love you just you

I was born to love you and love you both still live to love, and loving dream that charmed with your glance of silence sweet, take me to this world of pleasure where you are my god and I your slave of love, where we are lovers life joy and passion.

I will be part of your skin, your lips, your fire, I will be the subject of your smiles, your looks, your touch, I'll be your dream of love and reality of feeling ...

I hear the sea drag your feeling, thy sighs that rocks like a boat of tenderness, I hear your heart pumping feelings and hopes caresses your skin, I hear your voice that makes me shake and I hear your love that makes me die.

I love you and always will.

Thanks to Gisel post their short love poems

The wind

The wind passed,


flying over the cliff,

rempente when shook.

He felt something touch him,



saw you sitting


back a little,

I stroked,

I wrapped,

I embrace you,

and was extremely happy ...

After a while

the wind kept going

with the heart beating faster

and soul full of hope ...

That was the day

in which the wind

touched their dream ...

that was the day

in which the wind

found love ...

Thanks to Joshua for his short love poems

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