I know I let you down in a way that you'll never forgive me, I had never felt anything so big and so great for someone like you.

Just to see me nervous, you leave me with nothing to say, when you I feel as if caress caress the same clouds, as our lips meet I leave a blank mind, I'm transported to a place where everything is perfect. When I hold my breath, touching your face me goose bumps, you're everything to me.

I know I was a fool not to value yourself, not give the place that you deserve, not show you all the love I feel for you, and I would show you what I really am willing to do for you. I would give everything, because I love you without reservation, all day I think about you every minute, you're on my mind and heart.

I dream things that we've been, and some that are a dream, just a dream, so I hope to God I still see with good eyes, that gives me the opportunity to make you happy forever and ever since I I do not want anyone else, anyone else think it's not you, you want to start a family, build our dreams, lean on your own, share your joys, get up if you fall, give words of encouragement when you need that trust me at all.
I really do not know what I was thinking when I made each and every one of the mistakes I did, and now I'm sorry and I know that with words and facts enough already, at this point I would not even lose your love, and if I can still rescuing the love that I had, I will do the impossible because I love you.
I can not live without you.

Ps: never forget and always be in my mind and heart as and from when I met you.

For the woman who will always love, Eduardo Contreras Monjaras