How I can show you that I love you ? if anything stronger than
that is stronger than everything. Really you do not know how beautiful it is to be
near you, is the most perfect thing there, the air I breathe is your
name, blood is in my veins, through my body and reaches
my heart is called Diana.

Simply, I need you like the moon needs the night, as the sun
You need the day, as my lips need yours. You are the person
sweet, tender and beautiful, perfect person. You are all
for me!

I will never tire of telling you that I love you, because you well know that just a kiss
yours would transport me to paradise.

I need to see your eyes lost in them, to dream every night
and to awaken the next day and say your name.

Never love gained much sense in my life, I know you make me look
and I are right for each other.

I long for a kiss from me to take off the chill, long to be all my life
you, go your body to quench the thirst of you that I have,
for my soul is not shut down and stay alive and passionate.

I want you to know that I live to love. Let me again pronounce these
I love you ... I love you ... but all and all ... I love you!
We thank Javier for this beautiful letter to his girlfriend Diana.