Olé for as you are, because I like you so, ole for what you believe, for what you want, because your eyes still moves me, because you still being valid, ole because you're always there, when I still see you and you die you die for me, when you make me laugh ole, ole for your zest for life, your way of thinking and acting.
Olé to always be in my best, and worst not let go even a moment. Olé to know love me, to seek a place to be brave, for letting me be me and want to be and have as much to lose.
For all the laughter you draw on my face. For believing in me and even when I stopped believing in myself.
To come looking for me, wait and follow. By doing this still be worthwhile, for never stop fighting, for enduring, mourn ... not ever put an end none.
And thanks for calling me and telling me no, not here! When I was on the right track. Thanks for listening forever! And be my eyes, my ears, when I have missed. For letting me be a girl and a woman whenever I please.
Having been amassed thousands of reasons to hate me and I did not.
Olé for filling me with joy every day to bring happiness to my life. For the passion and tenderness that still fill our days. Wanting to share with me every minute. By going always in the same direction, for giving me so many moments and fill meaningless.
Olé because you've never stopped learning, olé for helping me be better. Olé for being my inspiration. For be everything.
For this story, both of us. And these two great years that has given life to a thousand pulses beat what we have challenged.

Thanks to this anonymous love letter