You know how much we love is very big love and we both feel. When I'm with you I feel so many things I'm calm, peace, gentleness and love, love. I apologize for the misunderstanding and insanity do you feel, is that I just want you for me, you always want to me, my love.

Never stop thinking about you, I think of all the beautiful moments we had, from the first day to the last. I am happy that you have crossed afternoon April 21, 2011 I remember everything perfectly. I thank fate that brought us together and never separated us. I love every minute with you, always I take it as if it were the last day.

Every night when I sleep, I think about all those times that we live together and then I fall asleep, waiting to see the next day. I'm happy to have found someone like you, and I am very happy for the man you are. When I'm with you, you make me feel a special woman. Everything changes when I'm by your side.
Remember what I always say when I'm by your side? Hug me and tell me, whispering in his ear, I love you . I'll never get tired of hearing that word. You fill me with joy, and I love when you look with your eyes as if it were the last day that we will see.
As you always say: never let me down, or lie to me or cheat me because I lastimarías much. I love you, like never loved anyone. The love I feel for you is immense. There are no words to describe the love, and I would die if you leave my side.

You're the man of my life and we will be together until we are old men, because nothing and nobody will separate us. Our love story is unique and magical and beautiful.

I love you my love, you're the nicest thing I could've happened.


We thank Jael by that beautiful love letter to Jonathan.