Do you remember when we talked every day no matter the time or the subject?
Remember when we helped each other in work or tasks complicated and in the end we solved easily? Because I do, and it's hard to recognize that you do not have even a slightest recollection of everything we had together.

Everything was going so well ... what happened to us? Or rather, what's happened?

It was so sudden. From overnight you became a stranger, an ignoramus, a perfect enemy. Every moment I spent with you what I saved in my heart without you knowing because he thought it would take me like crazy, sickly girl, But I tell you something? All this she did for love . Yes, I was deeply in love with you ... Or what, perhaps it never percataste?

Every day I wake up with the hope to see you again, to talk about every possible theme with you, laughing, goofing ... Endless options began to appear in my head, but I had to stop, because you and I we became complete strangers without reason. I asked you to explain countless times, And what I say? Were dating I always excuse yourself, "I know what you mean" and you went as far as possible from me. Why?

To this day it hurts and I do not understand that answer, but you knew what you were talking about. You were the one who built that wall between us and I know you are aware of such an act until today. If you did not want to continue talking to me, why do not you tell me in the face as I told you how much I loved you? That's cowardly, and unfortunately, I realized too late that you were one of them ... That little feeling you as a person!

After all these years I still love you with every piece of my broken heart, And you know why? Why were and will remain my first love ... Maybe you're not the only one, but I'm aware that you will always remain in my life in some way . Never let you go, take notice and learn to live with that idea. There is no escape, heart ... There is not.

When you want to find me, go ahead, I will be always available to answer countless times: "I know what you mean"


We thank HJ for that beautiful and sad letter.