You know how difficult have been these last days, it is almost impossible to live
with fear and love at the same time.

Everything hurts me more than usual, everything has a double meaning.
You feel as if the whole universe conspires against me, and you, love these away,
unattainable; many feelings are summed together it becomes impossible to me
handle it wisely.
I've dreamed every night and I am so yours and you as
mine ... In those dreams, still awake, I feel you in me, like you just stepped
go. It is strange and torturer at the same time causes
frustration and anguish, and fear of never seeing you, not
manage to overcome the distance that separates us; I know you might not understand and do not
You could, for that we should form one being and we are not.

Something happened inside me, a new feeling that he knew he could
experiment until you arrive, jealousy, those who always hates that
I criticized the ability of a wise, because it is easy to criticize what is
unknown, so do not feel.
I do not know how to act in front of so many feelings, because I always loved in a calm way without fear, without jealousy ...

But above all, if I'm sure something is that I love you with all my strength, and I wish with all
my anxieties and fears, and still are not mine, nor ever will be. And I weep for this.
We thank Lee for this beautiful love letter to his beloved