It's wonderful to say you make me happy, as it is very important you know I do not want to be away from you, or live this life if not you.

I will fight for that day comes when every morning I wake up feeling your breath on my neck, and listening to your lips gently love , I love you !

I want your picture is the last thing you see when you close my eyes, I dream of you, open them and look as beautiful as ever I have seen, I want to enjoy the night and enjoy a dinner prepared by you and feel that has made sense simply because I've shared with you, I feel that things will be alright, I know why if we want the two can not be otherwise.

Today I want to thank you for loving me, for supporting me, for putting up with and wish,,,,,, thanks for letting me love you, for letting me be by your side, for show you how important I am to you, thanks for giving meaning to my life, to complete my sentences, for letting me be as I am, by surprise every day, being able to make me laugh with the simplest things in life. Our time has just begun!

We have overcome things like the distance and we lived with surprises, sadness, joy, hope. I think our first tentative kiss do you remember?

I want to keep in your life forever, be part of it, continue to help to have the strength to overcome anything, feeling proud of each other. You know we have the same direction, with the same path, you give meaning to my life, a life without you would not have the joys and moments that only you have given him.

I am very happy with you, do not go, do not go away, I need you close, I love you, I love you, I imagine, I think, and many more things that are very difficult to express in words, do not know what you mean to me .

You love that achievement expressed my feelings that I shamelessly.

I love you Priscilla! Thanks for sharing my life with yours.

Augusto Antonio

Antonio Augusto thank this beautiful love letter to Priscilla.