How are you?

I am writing this letter to help me correct what I'm doing.

I have a girlfriend of 9 months that I'm really happy and glad to be around and I even think I get to marry her.

The problem I have is that I am very womanizer and secretly I was talking to friends. They are friends with the right, I'm attracted to attract them. I can not help to speak, view, and others ...

Although they know that I will bring my fiancee, I am too weak to see a woman that I like.

Tell me, what I can do to be faithful to my partner?
I do not want to be more infidel and fewer I want her to be.
She already has caught me 2 times but luckily those 2 times I have been forgiven.

Because he loves me and because I love. I do not want to hurt him, I'm sure how I feel about it.
But my mentality with women is weak! Not need to be strong for being unfaithful.

Help me, what way I can control this infidelity? I love her!

I hope many answers girlfriends / friends, especially friends that you are always right.

Leave comments with your answers!

Thanks ;)

Help "anonymous" unless more unfaithful, leave your comments :)