He was my best friend, the person he trusted, until one day the feelings changed and grew love between us.
We dated and love us, as I think we had never
We loved anyone, we give all the love in the world to each other, and it was wonderful.
But it took a few months,
and he told me he did not love me, who had
confused, but really, it was too late and I was in love with him yes.

Four months ago we're not together, but I still love. And I am weak every time we meet, up to my house and we love as before. I can not help it, I know because of our attitude has no future, but I'm loving it.
When it reaches loves me as before but through the door everything becomes as
before and everything we feel at the moment, I am there.

I have made numerous attempts to get back to my side, but it was useless, I use and leaves. I am aware that no one will want to like me, and we know of a lifetime. I think I'm very weak but I can not help it. I hope one day you realize you need me.
We thanks to Mimmi for this letter and hope that everything is resolved and find happiness beside his love.