Your eyes can tell many things, not necessary the words love , with one look you make me go around the world, touching the stars, look at you from the moon and watch your heart beat, you do not love that I express with a word what you feel for me I feel every time you took my hand and walked alongside each other ..........
When I kiss you I can feel your breath so close to me that would save the time and use it when the two parted by nonsense, because only then, at times like these I realize that I can not lose a love that will surely not 'll live.

Today I want to tell you that our love will be eternal and not just because I think if not for my heart needs you, because ours is very large and there is nothing or no one can separate us, you are and will always be my handsome prince why I live, the reason I feel the reason why today I am happy.
Every time I see you, my heart beats without stopping, but I think if you lie to me again it will be over and I have fear that this will happen again. And whether or not I want to get away from you because you're my other half, my life.

It's a feeling so deep that every time I see you feel the joy, the happiness, the energy that tells me you're what I always dreamed that makes me vibrate with happiness, makes me feel how beautiful life can be only being to your side.
How nice it is to feel your love again, look at those eyes in which I see every day, reflected in them the passion, the love, the passion I feel in seeing. It would be difficult to try to explain in words the immense and deep is my love for you.

One thing life has taught me is to fight for what we love and not give up to achieve our goals, there are many things that are not easy to obtain but are those things that one values ​​and appreciates more, my heart. Today after many months have you by my side I still can have a word to describe how happy I've done, I thank you for every word of love you gave me when I needed it, for every hug you gave me when no least expected, for every smile that tore my face when I felt sad, but especially thanks for sharing your life and your soul I love you !

I want to have a family, we see our children grow together, to grow old together and we leave for heaven's hand. I do not want to spend another second without you, I wanna be by your side forever, nothing can separate, never allow it, I will fight for this love to achieve what we planned.

Do not be afraid that I will never leave your side, trust me, I swear not only, but also I will prove it, I'll love you forever because you are what I dreamed. But I beg you: Do not lie to me anymore. You know that you really want and do not want our love is over I want to live next to you with a love story that has no end!

Thanks to Vanessa and Dario