My love , how much do I lack. To think that I can not have you with me all
day fills my heart with sadness; but suddenly joy arises because
I know that soon we will be together, those sweet lips caress my mouth and hugs me not cease.
How can I stop dreaming in those " I love you "that never fail, these passionate kisses that make me relive.
On this day I thank God for having given me the most wonderful girl in the world, my
girlfriend, my life, my all.
These months we have spent together have only been the beginning of a wonderful love story .
A story that will have joys and sorrows, as in the lives of all couples in love the world, but mostly have much, much love.
I only want to be by your side, the two together until the end of our days living this passionate love that fills my being and not let me think about anything other than you. We are now away by the circumstances of my work, but you know that soon we will be together for ever, because nothing and nobody will separate us. I look forward to the day of my return will be to stay arrives.
I love my Susana!
Your boyfriend loves you, Cristian.
We thank Cristian for this beautiful letter to his girlfriend Susana and want to get together soon.