I like your smile, I like to hear your laughter, I tell you love my dreams have been simple and straightforward, nothing special. Walks in the nicest places we could imagine, smiles and kisses that had no end, sweet moments and relaxed surrounded by music which give vent to our love, long and endless days with the person I want.

Love me think if they really work and strive to refine our little universe, or just filled with trash and debris or live to live to understand or deranged.
The relationship between two people is a daily job, although slow, is necessary. No cancer more benign than the one who let us invade, we can fight or let us die, to strive or quit, illusions, or sink, walk or stop.

This letter has to mean a before and after, has to be the spear that cross our hearts, our minds, our spirits. You must give us enough energy for our love and affection on forever with us.
Can we love stockings? Can we smile in secret? Power can be. But is it right and better? It will surely be the easiest, but never the right choice.

This year and a half with you mean new experiences, new feelings, a flowering of thousands of dreams sleepers who wanted to be discovered and observed. I have lived experiences that can not be paid with money, or the most precious object in the world. You by my side gives me security and happiness.

Could have painted things differently, have gone back to fix things or at the same time having lost everything, we should not regret what we did in the past, because they are the memories of our time on earth, our actions are our truths , those scars that speak to us and show us so live and die.

As humans, we laugh and cry, hate and love, nothing is certain, not even the end of days. Trying is good, necessary, it's all about thinking. Believing in ourselves feeds of life is the reward of a healthy and strong spirit.

Love the truth of this letter reflects a mixture of unanswered questions, illusions and fears. An approach to infinity, the maximum binding of two people who love and want.

I could not tell if love is that which consists of a land called "partner" and shapeless asteroids (doubts, lies) that surround this in a vast emptiness. Like the perfect love is a beautiful blend of different planets (trust, love, respect) orbiting around the Earth, without bothering, or rejoice, a galaxy in perfect harmony.

Perhaps the perfection of love does not exist or most human beings do not have believed it, yet I'm sure many "crazy or mystical" dead looking open source, enjoying what we were looking for and knowing how to make the few lights an endless search and hard.

I know that I LOVE YOU , which represent the center of the universe.

Thanks to Coco