I fell in love with you. Caught me by way you are, because I like you, because when he grabbed my hand I still get excited, because I'm still waiting, because you're always there, because I still can not wait to see you as the first day because I still hope to make me laugh because your peace fill me with hugs, for always being at my best, and worst not let go even a moment. To know love me, to seek more than once, for letting me be as I want to be and not let you lose anything, let me be moody and stubborn, for putting up with my tongs and my cravings ..
For all the laughter you draw on my face. For believing in me, for giving me another chance and give me back the joy, for making me understand that everything is not how everyone sees it.
To come looking for me, wait and follow. By doing this still be worthwhile, to laugh in good times, and endure the bad, mourn ... not ever put an end either.
And thanks for calling me and telling me no and no! thanks for letting me alone and you can open your eyes when he was not the right way. Thanks for listening forever! And be my eyes, my ears, eh when needed. For letting me be a girl and a woman always seems to me, very young girl to leave and follow the current, calls and songs. My good friend ... and laugh at my jokes, even without cause, because they are so bad! For teaching to be something better ..
Having been amassed thousands of reasons to hate me and I did not. Thousands of reasons, whims and nonsense that would have been of me, and never have echo ..
Bravo! for filling me with joy every day to bring happiness to my life. For the passion and tenderness that still fill our days. Wanting to share with me every minute. By going always in the same direction, for giving me so many moments and fill meaningless.
Thank you for being everything for us. And these eleven months, almost a year has given us life to win the battle!
You are the person of my dreams, you're the sucker who always waited! and when we are belly to belly there is nothing left. Only two of us, we are the world!
No pain for me to stop, there is no planet eclipse me, or me stray from your side because ... I fell in love with you!

Thanks to Julia for your letter I fell for you