It's hard to love.
And not because they want to, but
I've always thought that there is no love .

So what is this
I feel for you?

Why am I so excited to see you?
What is it that makes me need you?
When did you become so essential?
When you occupied my mind completely?
What about my heart?

Why suffer by not being around you?
Why are you the first?
Why the last thing are you?
Why is my heart skips a beat every time you come to me?
Why I shiver when you kiss me?
Why crave every touch yours?
What you've done?
With you everything is different.

Although certainly not very difficult to answer that.

And it's just because I've fallen for you.

And if I analyze it is nothing strange, in fact, is entirely logical.

Why you're an amazing person, because I love each and every one of your flaws.
Why everything you ever dreamed to find in the man whom I love what you do.
And yet overcame my expectations.
And most likely this is a ridiculous, cheesy and sentimental,
but I can not help it, the love you completely transformed me.

Your love has done so much good, I think about you all the time.

I'm excited to your existence.

Already the first page of a book that encourages me to read to the end.

Those I love you ! I say without notice, are what most of you I fall in love ...

I lie awake thinking about you and thinking about you.

! Want to make you fail!

And remember that if you're not next to me I still love every minute of the day.


We thank Yadira by that beautiful love poem .