Do not write to tell you I love you , that you know, or to make accusations that are already late now, I do to relieve my soul and my conscience, I would have liked things to say and did not go into details of who was the culprit, because in love there are not, or reproach us of what should be done and not done, that no longer counts. This is about saying sorry.

When love ends, It's no go. But I wonder: Was there love? I was what we lacked, and without that nothing can be loved, no matter the money, the house beautiful, so beautiful and the communication we had the two, the love was lost, or perhaps never existed.

You asked me if I loved you, you know I do, but I was the one he loved and in a couple, the two have to love. I'm not sad ... it was you who missed it. He who loves, even if failing, is a winner.

I send blessings, where you are now, I ask my God to care for me, I ask you to guide you, always in the right direction.

Although many years pass I will always remember the good and beautiful that the two passed, the bad to forget.

I want to tell you that I loved with a love of clean, pure. I can only say goodbye my dear, I really feel, I feel that ours can not function. I wish you the best.