I know that this is best for you that you send letters is cheesy, but the truth is that to me is a means of expressing what I feel and see.

Just know that you see what human excellence, partner, son and father both know it's a new experience for you and it costs you a few things you adapt but you put all your effort to do so and want you to know that the day Today I was single for a while gave me time to analyze and realize what was wrong and I will not repeat because I want this to work very nice and do not become a relationship dogs and cats and all the time fighting and reconciliation is not good for us I think one of these days let's talk as we always do to make things clear about what we want and our spaces so that we better our family life.

I admire you so much strong you are but sometimes I see you and all that pain that gives you believe me in the ribs is nothing more for the blow your stress of not knowing sometimes that's with what happens to your surroundings and the that is presented as your mom (who gets bad all the time), what your dad (who does not accept our relationship), your sister, and I (events shown), believe there comes a time to exploit and cry and mourn and to paste, I stand to support you and to understand the situation, but if you do not take it out you will go to the body and I do not want that.

I think the best is that the most attentive and good, talk to your parents and family and express your feelings to them. I know that you were accustomed to a life super comfortable and stress-free by-side with your parents or rather there with you but I want you to know that taking such a decision to take responsibility and I do not mean that my son believe me nothing else that I was also ami things together but nothing else I can go do something to support you, if not sharing a life, a bed, a TV, bathroom, your car, your time is difficult but not impossible to finish is beautiful and nice.

Thanks to Diana Carrillo for this letter relationship