Emilio does not know how to begin, but in my heart there is no doubt that I love you I do not understand the fate that often separates us if I gave thanks to God for having known and for having put in my path, do not understand why today I am I suffered this pain rips the soul.

I have a deep impact on my mind and my heart all the nice words you said, looking into my eyes when you said you loved me and that I was your happiness, you swore and promised not to miss, you swore to do everything possible to fight against everything and everyone to keep our love , and be together forever, not just now put me excuses, and tell me you do not know what to do, you put in doubt our love It's not fair that now has to wait until you decide for me, are days of waiting to torment me with crazy ideas that come to my mind and I do mourn, they come to my mind all the happy moments and the nights we were together where our soul is one, but this dream or fantasy I only lasted 6 months.

I love you with all my heart and I think today is over, it was time to separate and it was not for me because I know that I gave my whole being, I offered my life and I gave it my best, but you do not value and now condemn you to always display the full moon, remember me, you'll remember that one day I fell in love like that, one day the full moon in all its splendor and saw your false promises and so sincere my love for you. Someday I was your little witch.

Thanks to Tania for this letter