How sad to know that for an adventure let it go to the right person, which taught me what is the true love , the one with his looks and smiles I get to heaven and I came back down.

That with kisses and caresses me feel the most beautiful woman of all this world.

Now that I have my whims let go I feel helpless and full of pain. Just want him to know I love him and I will never forget though my love will not show it beareth always in my heart!

I regret the day they both fool and knew not value love you gave me.

So many things he did for me.

Just I want to say sorry and wish you a future filled with happiness and that the way of life find a person who values ​​what I did not value.

A person who will love and give you all your heart, as well as give me all your love.

I love you and always remember that I loved.


We thank to Jeimy for that letter and hope you find true love.