My cute love ... DISTANCE ever be able to separate, I remember it later when we met, was a fluke and never thought that the man I had seen for the first time in my life, I would steal the heart was something I never thought that I happen ! ...

I remember how you fought for conquer and were about to give up, however I gave hope despite the situation in which I found ...! Were so many beautiful moments we shared together!

I forget all the good and bad that happened to us, but still our love was so strong he could with all ...

You were suffering because of what you and I know and myself. We fight together to solve what I was going through and the day came when we had to separate, but you know you can not DISTANCE us.

The day you left it broke my heart could not take it, it seemed impossible that you would not be on my side. I imagined the DISTANCE in which we were the two .... you in your country and I in mine, so far apart ... I felt like dying. What were the first difficult days for me!

I remember feeling really bad on the first Sunday I was without you ...! Could not believe it! But that was the reality Now gone are the days and just hope your calls! When I talk to you I feel you with me, close to me .... Hearing your voice do I get sentimental. Do not know how much I miss you, I need you with me!

The day will be together again and the wait will not be long. Love of my life, I LOVE YOU with all my heart and our love must continue despite the DISTANCE! Looking forward to the day when we will meet again to no longer separate us ..... never! CUTE I LOVE YOU MY LOVE! (JAVIER)

Nice words of Maria Teresa and hope that you consider re-meet her lover Javier