Hello love ,

I love you and always I told you, I love you I love you I love you I love you a thousand times.

I thought I was not love, I was someone else, wandering through life ... but I fell plump to you, just what I was looking for and now that I have do not want to let go.

I spend much time with you, I share many things with you, live life by your side, more like that as they say, everything was pink but hey we know the reality, now I can say I am happy that I am fascinated by your side while I can not complain.

I met a wonderful woman, radiant and above all loving. I love to be affectionate and see it all, I'm crazy about her, I love I love I fell in love very easy to her, and there I was able to quickly and follow.

I love her, love her, adore her, want her.

I love werita!

Thanks to this anonymous love letter