You, for me have been the best, most beautiful in my world.

I never thought one person had the ability to change my environment and my life at a glance, with just a smile.

You do not know what you mean to me. I hate to be romanticona because in the end I end up being too sentimental, but I want to tell you that without you, without you, without your love, without your kisses and your love could never be happy.

Since you came into my life every day I'm more crazy, full of joy, hopes, dreams and love of life, to reach a point where we split and we are not together until the end of our lives. Able to remember every moment and every moment lived with joy and excitement.

The day that we are not together, so I will not glare in the sun and the moon shall not touch my skin.

I do not think these words are sufficient to give you idea of what you are to me but I say from the depths of my being: I love you , if there would be lost in the desert.

I love my sweetie beautiful *(^:^)*

Thanks to Junior for this love letter