Well I can tell you love what?

I've been influenced by my feelings, and perhaps found the wrong person, but you've always been by my side. There milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, even months and years, not how to thank you what you're doing for me.

I want you by my side forever, friend. You are that person who clarifies all my doubts, with your words, the only one who understands me and helps me in difficult times.
Do not be sad if the owner of your heart does not give you the love you deserve, as well as life gives you reason to mourn, show him that you have a lot to smile because of the friendship that binds us you and me. Both boards we can overcome all problems.
Friend I still remember the moments spent with you, evenings, nights, holidays. Know you always have me here for everything, for good and bad. Let's covenant together and always will be.

I love you , my dearest friend.

Ariana Castarno

Ariana thank the fine phrases dedicated to her friend.