I married you very excited with the idea that you were my prince charming, but over time I realized that your princely features have vanished.

There have been problems, differences, small defects, gone are the virtues that I fell in love with you, now have become unbearable moments that make us fight every day.

I understand that we are different in both virtues and flaws, we are full of imperfections, have been tolerant with myself and you too, I wonder: where is my prince?

You became a near-primitive, crude, refined ... anything you say that a man should smell a man and nothing else, you sit at the table with dirty hands and ignore my romantic decorations, flowers, candles, belch during meals you stick your finger in your nose in public and splash the toilet lid. Also leave dirty clothes lying on the place where it fell to undress.

Believe me I have tried to sort out your bad habits without reproach, or protest, without criticizing your appearance or your behavior, and not in the least changed. No more powerful scenes in the end I think that your body is abnormally limited hearing, I'm desperate! Already exhausted my patience capsules daily. I think I just sit back and let your hobbies take me out of my boxes, and then take an attitude of "nothing is happening here." I'm doing an assessment, putting on a scale the weight of your habits to fix them in a civilized manner, look I'm considering mine too.

I agree, if they still exist. I will not stay without a husband, and I treat you wrong, much less to be rude, but it's typical of you that you never realize how bad I am, you are selfish and rude, just think of yourself, we need to talk, put cards on the table. I have hope that I can still transform from primitive to the handsome prince I always dreamed of ... Am I a deluded?

Thanks Pilgrim to expose and share their feelings