Hello my love , I hope someday you get to read this and then you will realize the immense damage did burn.

I gave myself to you body and soul, did not hesitate even for a second because I was in love with you. At that time I did not think about the consequences but worst of all, I got pregnant. Do not know what to do with my baby boy, at that moment I heard it was going to be a mother thought take my life do not know what went through my mind. One person stopped me, was about tossing a pedestrian bridge. That person took me home, I had to talk with my parents. I told them I was going to be a mom, my dad dropped me like a slap in the face and forced me to marry that jerk me pregnant. Although my mother opposed my father did not listen and I married the man who beat me every day. In dating never hit me but 5 times, but never told my parents, I always lied.

Maybe that was my big mistake, I confess that I could cook more than rice and egg well beaten, but the man always leads to many chavitos to the house and said they would ask me what they wanted. Indeed, said I was the maid, for long had to endure these and other humiliations.

I finally had my baby, the doctors asked me what had happened to me in the face because one day before I had beaten me relieve sharply. Cesarean was because he was a minor had 14años, the man was 19, my little baby was a beautiful one doctor offered to help, of course, if accepted. As he and his wife could never have children adopted me.

The process was very slow because my real parents stood much. He took a deal, my real parents accepted money while others fed me so much affection and love my baby and me. They sent me to school, sent me to cooking classes and a woman made me well prepared.

Right now I'm still studying and I am aware of my son and all this I owe to my adoptive parents and my son have taught me many things as important. My foster mom tells me it's time to find love but still very scared but I have tells me that not all the same ...

Chavas beware much and realize what kind of person are delivered.

Thanks to Andrea for sharing your story